Manifestation Mantras – Words That Can Change Your Life

by | Feb 19, 2024 | Success

Is there some place you have always dreamed of going for a vacation to but have somehow never been to? Or that promotion that you have been working so hard for and somehow you were not considered for it? Or that property that you had been eyeing and saving up for, so you could live in your little piece of paradise – which just happened to be taken off the market, exactly when you were ready to buy it?

You are almost there – and then it is snatched away from you. 

Then, there are times, that you actually made it. You got to exactly where you wanted to get to – only to realise that this wasn’t really where you wanted to be…

Do you crave success? Something that is both materially satisfying and feels enriching at the same time? That dream house, that promotion, that vacation… And you know you can actually get it. But something usually comes in your way. You are stuck once again. Life hits you with an overflowing inbox, an untidy home, an unforgiving boss and children who definitely inherited their genetics from their mother-in-law. And as you struggle through the pedestrian challenges of life, you continue to hope and work for your dream… as time passes, you loose confidence and resign to just getting through the week.

If this sounds like you, read on… I have something cool to share with you that just might change everything.


Look around you right now. Everything you see is space. Everything that even appears solid (or liquid) is actually space. High school physics says everything including we ourselves are made up of atoms and molecules. Atoms are 99.99% space. Human bodies are actually 99.9999999% space!

Sounds have a profound effect on space. And when that space is sentient – you and me – the effect is even more dramatic. Music that you love can move you to tears. Music can lift the deepest of blues. Music can energise you. It’s not just music though – Have you noticed how a few words said by someone you care about can make you feel absolutely amazing? Or some other words make you feel miserable? 

Words are sound. Words have power. Words and sound actually shape space! Thoughts are words too, though they may be just in your head.  Words as thought make an idea. Words as thoughts will shape your mental space and create the reality that you believe in. Words when said or written are the impetus to action ideas and create physical reality. The reality that surrounds us is created by us through the sounds we think and the sounds we make – words.

Mental Landscape

Imagine your mind as a charming (but slightly chaotic) Victorian mansion. Sunlight streams through stained-glass windows, but cobwebs drape the chandeliers, and dusty portraits of disapproving ancestors glare from the walls. These portraits are your limiting beliefs – the “I’m not good enoughs,” the “it’s too late fors,” and the ever-present “what ifs” whispering insecurities from the shadows.

Grab your metaphorical feather duster and unleash your inner Marie Kondo! Time to create your mantras.

Think of each time you have not done what you wanted to do. What stopped you was some of those old, old patterns that you unwittingly formed. Simply being aware that they exist is a huge step towards their disintegration. Knowing the words that are forming your belief system means you are now aware why you think the way you do.

Now, change those words around. For example – “I’m not good enough” becomes “My unique talents are valuable and worthy of recognition.” Replace “I’m too old” with “Experience is my superpower, and I’m wiser and more capable than ever.” 

Feel free to get creative and sassy!

Know that YOU are in charge here. So take charge. Make Mantras.

And give it time. Those beliefs have been around for a long time. They are a bad habit. Every time one of those portraits start whispering – see, this will never work, you need to laugh at them.  Just shake your head and wonder how you could possibly have cultivated them. To begin with, things will not work the way you wanted them to. Just plug at it. You are throwing out tenants who have been there a long time and they will obviously not go without putting up a fight. Simply persist.

The good news is that the brain is elastic and repeated efforts are rewarded quickly. Journaling 5 things you are grateful for every night for just 40 days showed physical changes in the brain. The fear centres shrunk. The pleasure centres grew. 

Doing meditation practices from the Art of Living – Sudarshan Kriya, Sahaj, Padmasadhana will greatly help the process. Be consistently regular with these practices.

Click If you would like to learn meditation with Dinesh and me.

Pair these practices with consciously creating life-positive beliefs through your mantras and pretty soon, you are going to have a mansion oozing with charm, ready to be adorned with the vibrant tapestries of your dreams. You will be brimming with possibility and hope. Perhaps you’ll even unearth a hidden treasure trove of self-worth you never knew you had. Your confidence will soar as you begin to use your thoughts – those words in your head to begin to sculpt your physical reality.

A Mantra Menu

Here are some mantras to get you started. These are simply examples – starting points for you to create your own.


“My prosperity flows like a boundless river, enriching me and those around me.” 

“My financial goals manifest effortlessly, guided by wisdom and gratitude.” 


“My career blossoms without sacrificing family time, creating harmony in every realm.” 

“My skills and experience shine, propelling me towards my dream job with confidence and grace.” 

“I am a valuable asset, recognised and rewarded for my unique contributions.”


“My love attracts and nurtures healthy, supportive connections that fill my life with joy.” 

“Open communication and understanding flow freely in my relationships, fostering deep bonds.” 


“My mind and body are vibrant vessels of well-being, nourished by healthy choices and self-love.” 

“I move my body with joy, celebrating its strength and resilience with every step.” 

Inner Peace:

“Calm washes over me like a gentle tide, erasing anxieties and worries.” 

“My perspective shifts to gratitude, revealing the beauty and abundance in every moment.” 

“I accept myself fully, flaws and all, finding peace in the embrace of self-compassion.” 

Have fun creating your mantras. Let them reflect your personality. Just one thing to remember. No negative phrases. Instead of “I am not poor”, make it “I am rich.”

Bonus Tip: Write your favourite mantras on colourful sticky notes and plaster them all over the place! Your fridge, your mirror, your laptop – let these affirmations become a reminder of the life you’re co-creating with the universe.


Manifestation is co-creating with the Universe. You and the Universe are in this together. Mantras are word=bombs that are primed to blast away negativity and plant seeds in the garden of your dreams. But simply planting seeds isn’t enough. You wouldn’t just fling a mango pit onto the sidewalk and expect a tropical paradise to spring up the next morning, would you? The Universe simply doesn’t work that way.

Say you craft a mantra that whispers, “I attract abundance.” Brilliant! But that abundance won’t magically materialise in your bank account just because you said the right words. You have to action those words. Update your resume, network like a pro, or launch that passion project gathering dust in your digital drawer. The universe loves a go-getter who backs up their desires with grit and determination.

You whisper your desires to the universe, but it expects you to roll up your sleeves and get down in the dirt. It needs your sweat, your hustle, and your inspired action to nurture those mantra-planted seeds into flourishing realities.

Goal Setting is Key: Don’t just mumble a mantra into the void. Define your desires with laser-sharp clarity. Write down specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals. Think “land a promotion within six months with a 20% salary increase” instead of “I want more money.” 

Action and Words: Align your actions with your desires. If you want to get fit and lose weight, eating chocolate pastry is not a vote for that mantra. Working out, walking and nurturing friendships with people who are fit is. Every step you take, every time you lift a weight, every squat, every time you choose salad over French fries becomes a brick in the path to being fit and healthy. The universe sees your hustle and smiles upon your well-worn sneakers.

Inspired Action, Not Frantic Flailing: Don’t get into a blind frenzy to get to your goals. You want to create a waterfall and you just have a few drops of water. Take your time building your dream. Rejoice in the journey. Doing a few strategic things will always beat doing many uncoordinated actions. Listen to your intuition and prioritise wisely. Most importantly have fun and sooner than you can imagine, you will have a roaring waterfall.

Amplifying Manifestation

It is said that whatever desires you have will get fulfilled – sooner or later. If not in this lifetime, then the next. Do you really want to wait till you are ready for potty training all over again?

You will feel love in your chest area. Gratitude you feel in the throat. It’s even higher than love.

The universe craves alignment, a cosmic dance of harmony between your desires and your energy. When you reel in negativity, fear, or “not-enough-ness,” there are discordant messages you create that hamper the Universe from doing it’s bit. But when you shower your desires with sunshine-bright gratitude, you create a powerful resonance. Abundance will become the norm.

Crank up your Gratitude dial using these quick exercises. These will make you feel great and take just a few minutes to do.

The Gratitude Journal: Every night, jot down three things you’re grateful for – big or small, from that morning’s perfect cup of chai to a kind smile from a stranger. This simple act rewires your brain to focus on the good, amplifying the positive vibrations to send out.

The Appreciation Avalanche: Take a mundane moment and avalanche it with gratitude. Stuck in traffic? Appreciate the sun on your face, the music on the radio, that you have a bar of dark chocolate, the fact that you are alive and breathing! This shifts your perspective, transforming grumbles into gratitude gold.

Thank Your Body: People typically focus on what is aching or bothering them in their bodies. They hardly ever acknowledge the parts of their bodies that feel great. It’s like the naughty child gets all the attention and the nice ones keep being taken for granted. Start appreciating your strong legs that carry you, your eyes that reveal beauty, your lungs that breathe life. This self-love resonates with the universe, attracting well-being like a magnet. This is a fabulous exercise that can be done first thing in the morning, just before you get out of bed.

Make gratitude a habit in your life. Practice Gratitude.

Gratitude isn’t about ignoring challenges. If you do that then you venture into the realm of toxic positivity. Not a pleasant place at all. Gratitude is about acknowledging challenges, while choosing to focus on the good. It’s like saying, “Yes, there are bumps in the road, but I’m still dancing my way to the top of the mountain, and I’m thankful for every view along the way.”

Sculpt Your Reality

My words are my wand, my thoughts my map, I manifest a life of thriving, in every realm, just like that.

  • Identify your limiting beliefs. See how they have stopped serving you. Don’t make the mistake of trying to get rid of them. Instead reframe them into words that are life enhancing. This will create a mental landscape that is primed for manifestation.
  • Align your actions with the words you have chosen. Always remember that strategic action will beat frenzied activity. Hustle hard. This will create the manifestation you have been dreaming about.
  • Amplify the effect with the practice of Gratitude.
  • Bring it all together through the power of meditation.

That dream home and Bora Bora are waiting…

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