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All the products that are listed on this page have been tried and tested by us.

We and our peers have actually bought these products and many others from competing brands, used them all, and then based on our experience, created this list. We have done a lot of work to research about these products and spent quite a lot of money – so you don’t have to. This list will take away most of the guesswork and hopefully save you a lot of time.

Check back often, we keep updating this list with our latest recommendations. Use the code ‘greatsleep’ when you checkout to get a discount*

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The BYOGI Vishraam Collection

Muslin is soft and light and makes for perfect night wear. It feels wonderfully smooth and silky on the skin – almost like wearing nothing at all.

BYOGI has created a line of lounge wear just perfect to go to bed in – so you can truly experience deep Vishraam as you slumber.

Crafted by local rehabilitated artisans, made with 100% muslin fabric and hand-stitched to perfection – Produced organically and locally in India. 

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Timeless Ayurvedic Recipes

The Shankara Collection

Beauty and Healing

The Shankara Collection

Pure ingredients and secret recipes for beauty and well-being from Ancient Indian Scriptures effortlessly come together in all Shankara products.

Create a soft gentle magic for your skin and how you look and feel with these exclusive oils and creams.

Our absolute favourite products on the Shankara website are:

Kumkumadi Tailam

The Rose Mist

The Candles

The Handwash

Enjoy site-wide discounts on all Shankara products with our code ‘greatsleep’

Nabhi Sutra by Swati Vakharia

There is a little known method from Ayurveda called Nabhi Chikitsa – A powerful way of healing and rejuvenation by the application of blends of medicated oils and herbs to the belly button.

Among many other amazing Nabhi Oils, Swati’s company Nabhi Sutra has a fabulous sleep inducing product. This unique oil blend as specified in Nabhi Chikitsa has Tagar Oil, Lavender Oil and A2 Cow Ghee as it’s key ingredients.

All these help to improve your mood, relax you deeply and ensure you have great sleep.

Nabhi Chikitsa is an easy DIY technique and takes just three minutes every night to administer to yourself. We have personally used the oils from Nabhi Sutras and experienced some of their magic. You can get a site wide discount on all their products with our code ‘greatsleep’. Visit nabhisutra.com for more details.

IQ Air Health Pro 250 Air Purifier

Air quality in most cities of the world and especially in India is abysmally bad. Your immune system fights all sorts of pollutants throughout the day, and even at night as you sleep.

This means that as your body sleeps, your immune system is still on overdrive fending off invaders, never really getting a chance to recoup. Over time, this makes your immune system weaker and you will tend to fall sick more often.

A good quality Air Purifier does the dirty work for you during the day and as you sleep at night, giving your Immune system that much needed break to rebuild itself. You will find yourself growing healthier, feeling better and more productive and creative as you begin to breathe the air Nature intended you to breathe.

In our book Sleep Your Way to Success we have extensively listed the properties that a good Air Purifier should have, and IQ Air Health Pro 250 is the one we settled on after spending a lot of money experimenting with cheaper alternatives. This beast of a machine ticks absolutely every single box that a superb Air Purifier should.

We consider the IQ Air Health Pro 250 as one of the BEST investments we have ever made for ourselves. We use it on a daily basis. The best part is that it is available in India with a guarantee that you will continue to be able to buy the filters whenever required.

If you still have any doubt about your decision to invest in this incredible machine, watch this 5 minute video.

Please call +91-97119 38619 to get your IQ Air. Remember to mention your discount code ‘greatsleep’ to the salesperson who will answer your call and you will get a discount on this amazing machine.

Here is to better health for you and your loved ones.

Maeka Water Curator – Fontaine Melodia from Auroville

Pure Water is the World’s Best Medicine – Ancient Ayurvedic Principle

Great drinking water can have a humungous impact on our health and well-being. Roughly 60% of our bodies is water. Water has three major functions:

Helps eliminate waste

Regulates Body Temperature

Asissts the smooth functioning of the brain

Besides these, water is involved in creating saliva to aid digestion, protecting the spinal cord, other tissues and joints, Water helps nutrient absorbtion and aids weight loss. Water can improve your mood, boost your energy and boost your immune system.

You should ideally be drinking between 2-3 liters of water every day. We all know this, yet most people don’t even manage to get in 1 full liter of water. Did you know that if you are feeling thirsty, you are already well on the way to being dehydrated?!

We don’t drink as much water as we should because the quality of water that most people get even in the big cities of the world is severely compromised. When we drink packaged drinking water, we feel bloated and not satiated besides contributing to the plastic waste that our planet is struggling with.

Enter the Maeka Water Curator from Auroville.

As a part of it’s service project to provide clean drinking water to surrounding villages, Auroville sadhaks conducted extensive research on creating the best possible drinking water. The Maeka Water Curator is a product of intense research over more than 2 decades.

It uses various patented technologies to create a delight in every sip of water that you have. This water will feel wonderful to drink as it smoothly slides down your throat. You may feel transported to the Swiss Alps or to somewhere high in the Himalayas as you experience the purity and lightness of this water. There is no bloating and you can easily meet the daily requirements of 2-3 liters water we all should be drinking each day.

There is a lot going on under the hood. The machine uses electromagnetic frequencies, infra red light and even sound to create the water that finally flows through it’s spout.

It is one of the most aesthetically pleasing designs I have ever seen. Most people think it’s a blue tooth speaker or something like that. It can occupy a place of pride in your kitchen or even in your dining room.

It is sleek, compact and supremely easy to operate.

The Maeka Water Curator is easily one of the best investments we have made for our health and well-being.

To know more, please call +91-98110 56861. Do mention the code ‘greatsleep’ when you are on this call to get a discount.