Leadership Lessons from a Village

by | Oct 24, 2022 | Success

More than 700,000 villages in India are locally run by a Panchayat. A group of village leaders who decide what’s best for the community. They settle petty quarrels and disputes. They maintain the peace and create a sense of kinship among the villagers. Their work is to ensure the village functions as a solid unit. A Panchayat normally consists of five people. Each of them have different sets of expertise, and together they create an environment in which the entire community can thrive. A solid group of people in the Panchayat, can truly make a humungous difference to the entire village.

The core sets of expertise that is required of the people comprising the Panchayat, turns out to be a fantastic formula to create a dream team heading any project or organization, anywhere! The five people that are supposed to be in a Panchayat are to embody Surya (The Sun), Lord Ganesha, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and the Devi (Mother Divine) respectively.

Why did the ancient sages require this particular choice of Gods from the crores and crores in the Hindu Pantheon? As you read further and the secret is revealed, you will realize that these ascetics knew a lot more about teams and how they function than anyone could ever imagine!

Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha signifies Knowledge. He is responsible for removing obstacles as well. For any team to get anywhere, first there needs to be the technology, the knowledge of what needs to be done. This core skill belongs to Lord Ganesha. He is also considered the great organizer. He creates fantastic functional groups. He has the ability to see ability.

Lord Shiva is the trouble shooter. He is the person who is called upon when things go wrong. He fixes stuff. He transforms trouble and creates solutions.

Lord Vishnu maintains things. Keeps stuff running smoothly. Ensures that everything happens when it is supposed to. He is the ultimate Manager, never getting bored or tired of simply seeing to it that things are working the way they are supposed to.

Devi creates an environment of affection. She ensures people don’t burn out. She leads from the heart, inspiring people and enabling them to step firmly out of their comfort zones. She creates a space where people feel safe and are ready to take calculated risks. She nurtures, and becomes a shoulder to cry on when things go wrong… and then spurs people on, to lift themselves up from failures and setbacks, to heights they themselves never imagined they could reach.

And what about Surya Devata?

Have you ever watched a sunrise? In a few minutes, the darkness and stillness of the night is magically transformed into the bright hustle and bustle of the day. Birds sing, flowers bloom, people get up and about. Yet, all the Sun does is rise. In His presence work happens. Such is the power required in the personality of the Panchayat that embodies the Sun – in his wake, people are roused from their laziness and lethargy, and get to doing whatever it is that they are supposed to be doing.

If your team, project or organization is not moving at the pace it should be – it might be a great idea to bring the Power of the Panchayat. Figure out which energy is missing or needs supplementation. Fill in those gaps – and as the collective power of these energies builds up, you just may find the success you never knew could be possible for you. It may be right there – just around the corner.

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