A Valentine Date – With Sleep

by | Feb 24, 2023 | Health & Fitness, Sleep

You have finally managed to land that date. The most gorgeous, wonderful person in the world is going to pick you up in an hour or so. You too want to be the most wonderful person in the world for them. You know this relationship is made in heaven. You feel it in your gut. And look forward to an absolutely amazing life with them… and all that is going to start now…

What would you do?

I would shave. And take a nice long bath. I would choose clothes that would flatter me – and iron them. Before wearing them, maybe I would meditate for a while so I am glowing inside and outside. Then I would wear those clothes. Brush my hair to a sheen. Put on my most glowing smile. And wait for that call…

If the day happens to be special – like Valentine’s Day – I would maybe have a homemade cake or chocolates ready. Really spruce up the house, in case we decided to come home after our dinner… Would organize a playlist. Get out some nice board games. Keep some movies handy. Have some snacks on hand. I would do all I can to make it as perfect as possible.

Pause a bit here – think about what you would do if you were going out with the person of your dreams. How would you get ready?

In the exact same way, that you would get ready for the guy or gal of your dreams, because they mean so much to you, because you see a fantastically rewarding relationship, you need to get ready for another relationship. A relationship that will strengthen every other. A relationship that will give back to you more than you could ever imagine. A relationship that is the secret to health, vitality, passion, creativity, success…

Your relationship with Sleep!

In a nutshell, if you are consistently getting enough good quality sleep, you will become younger, healthier, smarter and irresistibly attractive. If you don’t get proper sleep, then you will age faster, fall sick more often, lose the ability to make good decisions and in general, be more irritable and grumpier.

Most people have appalling sleep habits. Even though they may sleep for the requisite 8 or more hours that’s recommended, they don’t get the benefit. You need to get ready for sleep like you get ready for a hot date. You need to create a sleep ritual and an optimal sleep environment – one that deepens your affair with Sleep.

A few suggestions from me…

  1. Take a hot water bath just before sleeping. Hot water forces blood in your body towards the skin. This results in a fall in your core body temperature. Which means it’s easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.
  2. Change into fresh, clean and comfortable clothes for the night. Changing the clothes you wear throughout the day gives a very strong signal to the brain that day is over. Get ready for sleep.
  3. Eat dinner at least 3 hours before you plan to hit the bed. Digestion is the top priority for the body. If you eat a late dinner, and then go to sleep right after, your body will spend a few hours getting that food digested before it turns its attention to repair, resting and rejuvenation.
  4. Create a comfortable sleeping space. Just as you would prep you home for that person of your dreams, prep your sleeping area. Comfortable mattresses, good quality bed linen, the right type of pillows, etc are critical for good night’s sleep.
  5. Your bedroom should be cool and dark. Heat will wake you up. So will light. Research says that temperatures between 18 to 22 deg Celsius is ideal for sleep. And if your nervous system registers light, it will not allow you to go into the deeper states of sleep and will awaken you if there are even slight disturbances in the environment.

Make Sleep your Valentine. This is the relationship that becomes the foundation of every imaginable success. Each night, give in to the beguiling charms of Sleep. And soon – you will see magic manifest in your life!

Dinesh and I are on a mission to empower 1 million (or more) people to harness the awesome power of sleep to dramatically improve the quality of their lives. Our book Sleep Your Way to Success is the first step that we have made in that direction. For those who prefer to listen to their books instead of reading them, we have got you covered. Sleep Your Way to Success has an Audiobook avatar as well. Exquisitely narrated by Dinesh and packed with other downloadable goodies, you can buy it from the store on this website.

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From today, let Sleep be your Valentine.

Remember, Sleep powers Success!

Happy Valentine’s Day

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