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Sri Symphonic Bhajans

Khurshed Batliwala & B. Prasanna

A Unique Musical Experience

Sri Symphonic Bhajans

Ever wondered how bhajans would sound if a full blown western classical orchestra played them?

I was playing a bhajan on the piano we have in Vishalakshi Mantap, lost in the music, oblivous to the environment around me. Gurudev had finished a class He was teaching in one of the halls and had come and stood next to me while I was playing. He had ensured all the people who were with Him were quiet.

When I finished and looked up, He was smiling, and people around were clapping… and He said to me, you should make a CD like this. I happened to talk to Pransanna who is a brilliant composer about this and he and I decided to make a western classical take on some of Art of Living’s most famous bhajans.

I knew exactly how I wanted the bhajans to sound and Prasanna was fantastic at understanding what I envisioned and he flawlessly created the tracks almost pulling the music out of my head. I have to add that Gowrishankar too, played a quiet and critical role in the creation of this music.

We enjoyed making this music for you and know you will enjoy listening.

In the sections below, you may listen to our music for free. If you intend to use our music for any commercial project, please take permission before doing so.

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Float away with us on a musical journey where the unfamiliar suddenly starts sounding totally familiar.