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All the products that are listed on this page have been tried and tested by us.

We and our peers have actually bought these products and many others from competing brands, used them all, and then based on our experience, created this list. We have done a lot of work to research about these products and spent quite a lot of money – so you don’t have to. This list will take away most of the guesswork and hopefully save you a lot of time.

Check back often, we keep updating this list with our latest recommendations. 

Happy Shopping! Happy Creating!

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Apple Macbook Pro

This is just the best computer you can get – if you are making websites, recording and editing videos, and my most important use – creating Keynote Presentations for my talks.

This is a no fuss machine, that’s a workhorse, a thing of beauty and quietly efficient all at once. Lots of battery life, beautiful screen, fantastic touch pad, superb keyboard… Just 2 things I don’t like about this machine. One not enough slots to plugin various other gadgets. the other problem is games are made mainly for Windows. So don’t expet to have too many games that you can play on a Mac.

The Apple software that is part of the machine is like an English butler – superb at what he does, yet completely unbstrusive.

If you have the money to splurge, get this computer. If you don’t, save money until you can buy it. You will not regret it.


Neewer & Elgato

Neewer & Elgato

I have experimented with many types of lights. For my purposes, I prefer to keep it simple and straightforward. The Neewer and Elgato lights are super simple to operate, integrate well with other peripherals and get the job done.

Neewer has many options. Elgato just a few lights but they do have other peripherals to create better workflow.  With Neewer, I have only really got their lights – their other peripherals unlike Elgato are only to do with lights – which makes them more of a lighting expert.

Between the two, my preference is Neewer. But you can go with Elgato as well. 


I have forever been looking for a small, compact, yet really good quality microphone to use for my recordings. Without a shadow if doubt, I hit gold when I found the Rode Wireless Go II Single and Double channel mikes.

They blank out background noises, my voice sounds crystal clear and crisp and the setup is less than 1 minute. The Rode mike stay charged for long periods, so it’s a blessing on the road. Get the single if it’s just you who is doing all the talking. Get the double if you routinely interview people.

The other more advanced and really nice microphone that I use in my YouTube studio setup is the Lewitt LCT 440 condenser microphone. This one is quite fancy and is not simple plug and play, you will need an audio interface to link between the mike and your computer. It takes a bit of time to set things up – but once it’s done, it’s done. This is a superb microphone and perhaps the absolute best in it’s class. The Audio Interface I have is the EVO 4 by Audient. Small, stylish, simple, and gets the work done.


$5000 Pro Camera and iPhone 13 Pro Max – Can you really see the difference?!

After fiddling around with many, many fancy cameras, I settled on my iPhone 13 Pro Max camera. I agree that there are quite a few limitations – but, when you get down to quickly and effectively getting things shot without a fuss, there is just nothing to beat the iPhone.

The Rode microphone attaches itself to the iPhone with minimal fuss – you have to get 1 wire and that’s it. Your iPhone connects seamlessly with Continuity Camera when you are on Zoom or if you want to record using Quicktime.

My requirement is really how soon can I get to doing what I am good at doing – creating content. And the iPhone serves me perfectly for that.

When I have some person who knows how to handle a camera around, I use the Sony A7… and I must say the quality in recording is brilliant.

But nothing beats the ease and convenience of an iPhone – 90% or more of my recordings are done on my iPhone – get this phone for it’s camera, especially if you have a mac. Everything just works and that means I can get to work without haveing to fuss with technicalities that I am not too interested in…

I upgrade my iPhone every 3 years – don’t see the point of doing it every year.

If you still have any doubt about your decision to invest in iPhone, watch this 5 minute video. It was shot on an iPhone 13 Pro Max!

Other Odds & Ends

Connections, Connections

I am always surprised why great products don’t come with wires and cables that allow them to talk to other great products. Here is a quick list of wires, cables and other small stuff you may need to get to complete your studio setup.

1. Rode microphone to iOS device cable

2. Microphone stand that clamps to your desk

3. iPhone mount for Macbook Pro

4. iPhone mount for Desktop Screen

5. Another iPhone mount for Desktop Screen

I will keep adding to this list when I get other cool stuff that I feel would be of use to you.