Gaming Unplugged

Fun Strategy Board Game

Engineered by Khurshed Batliwala

A Unique Gaming Experience

Mumbai Connection

All the tension, drama and triumphs of creating the world’s most complex city train system have been flattened on to a board!

After years of playing board games, we decided to create a board game of my own. Something simple, but with a few twists and turns that would bring on depth and complexity.

Mumbai Connection is a fun strategy board game in which there is a huge difference in the winning strategy depending on who you are playing with, and what your starting hand was like – with just enough luck factor to keep things mysterious till the very end.

Mumbai Connection – The Board Game was three years in the making. Many friends pitched in to create the designs and play test it to perfection. We are super proud of the Result – A game that you will want to play again and again.

We have hundreds of families all over the world who play and fight and laugh as they enjoy the twists and turns of the Mumbai Connection Gaming Experience

Simple, Complex & Fun

What could be simple and complex all at once? The Mumbai local train system of course!

What if you are a private corporate vying with other corporates who have been given charge of the local train system in Mumbai? What would you do? How would you revamp and upgrade it? Would you make money? of lose it? What kind of entrepreneurial strategy would work? Playing Mumbai Connection will answer these questions and more.

The game itself is a massive production. The board is humungous. Quite possibly the largest board ever.

The graphics are gorgeous. Each and every component is lovingly designed. Only the best materials were used to make the game components and the feel of the various game pieces in your hand is outstanding.

 To make it even simpler for you to get into the game, we have created videos and uploaded them on youtube explaining the setup, rules and game play.

Old School Gaming at it’s Best

Mumbai Connection – The Board Game will appeal to intelligent 8 year olds, adventurous 80 year olds and all ages in between. Hours and hours of strategical fun await you, your family and your friends.

Play with your friends and see for yourself who will be crowned the Ultimate Rail Raja or Rani! Mumbai Connection is gaming unplugged.

No batteries, no Internet, not even electricity is needed to play this game. Just your wits and a sharp intellect!