In this book, Bawa & Dinesh answer questions asked by students the world over. They do this simply and profoundly, yet in an amazingly fun way!

Achin Bansal

All India Rank 1, IIT JEE 2007

Smart Ways to Learn

It is the night before a Math exam and your brain has frozen from fear. There’s a cricket match on TV and you are too distracted to work on that chemistry assignment which is due tomorrow. After hours of reading the same history lesson, you are unable to remember the dates. Focusing on those French verbs is quite impossible when you have just had a tiff with your girlfriend.

Are there smart ways to overcome such situations?

Can studying actually be fun?

Full of riveting facts and tips, Ready, Study, Go! will guide you on a journey that will transform your studying habits and possibly even your life.

The Audiobook Experience

Narrated by Subhav Kher, listen to Ready Study Go! – Exclusively available on Audible

10 things you will learn from this book

Aligning the 7 Levels for Learning

Priming the Body to Study

Developing the Right Attitude to Study

Overcoming your repulsion for certain subjects

Efficient Emergency Studying

Secrets of Effective Study

The Anatomy of Learning and Getting Great Ideas

Radial Thinking and Mind Mapping

Making teams, relationships and your career work

A Fundamental Secret of Life

Praise for

Ready Study Go!

Jasleen Kaur

Application Analyst, Bechtel India Pvt. Ltd.

Exams are no longer a nightmare. My attitude towards exams and studying have had a dramatic shift.

I used to be utterly stressed especially during exam time. Now, after reading this book and using a lot of mind maps, I feel confident.

Thanks a lot for this brilliant book.

Shivani Dureja

Senior Finance Manger, Mondalez (Cadbury) & mom

I bought this book for my son… and ended up devovouring it from cover to cover. It’s full of fascinating tips and techniques that cover all aspects of learning.

I was actually inspired to go back to my books and “study for knowledge” – I am sure my son is going to get far more from the education system than I ever did as he imbibes what’s written in this book.

If you are a parent who cares – this book is a no brainer to add to your library. Big Tip from me – Read it aloud with your kids and see how the way they (and you) approach the process of studying completely changes.

Isha Rathi


Ready Study Go! is a personal guide which is always there for me. It’s full of effective ways of handling tough situations in my life – the pressure of exams, issues related to focusing or a problem of short term memory.

I used to think that self-help books are boring. This book proved me utterly wrong. It’s bursting with mischief and humour while remaining grounded and practical and useful.

It’s a fantastic book. Everyone should read it.

Sunidhi Guraba

BDS Student, Government Dental College and Hospital, Punjab

If there’s any secret to successful studying, this book has it.

Ready Study Go! is the perfect tool to smart studying at whatever stage of life you are -school student, college student or in a job.

I found it to be a simple, yet super interesting read that transformed my outlook to learning.

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