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3 Quick Things to do When You are Feeling Anxious
When we feel unsafe or threatened by anything – real or imaginary, our brain responds to the “threat” by making the body go into the Fight or Flight mode. Depending on the magnitude of the perceived threat, you may experience a cold feeling in the pit of your tummy,...
Magic in the Morning: Routines for a Fantastic Day
Are you the type of person who wakes up in the morning and wants to stay in bed for “just a few more minutes” - and those few more minutes turn into an hour and suddenly you realise that you are late. For everything. You shamble out of bed and into the bathroom. In...
The Flow of Life
Away, far away, from the bustling haunts of modern toil and light,Where dreams of commerce with the day unite,There lies a realm, untouched by human plight,A wild, serene expanse, out of our sight. Behold the water, in its course so clear,A mirror to our journey, far...
Leadership Lessons from Lord Shiva
Forget your stuffy suits and power-point presentations, step aside boring business gurus, because the ultimate leadership masterclass comes courtesy of a blue-skinned, trident-wielding God chilling on a Himalayan peak. Lord Shiva, the Destroyer with a heart of gold...
The Flow of Life

The Flow of Life

Away, far away, from the bustling haunts of modern toil and light,Where dreams of commerce with the day unite,There...

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3 Myths About Sleep
Sleep is mysterious. Scientists the world over have, ironically, spent countless sleepless nights studying sleep. Millions of dollars worth of research has been done in the top educational facilities of the world. Yet, the findings somehow have eluded most people....
Alarming News about Alarms
It is a fact that millions of people the world over wake up every morning to the shrill sounds of their alarms. They have no idea how much harm they are causing themselves. If I ask you your age, and you reply that you are 20, 35, 55, 60 whatever years old - you would...
Sleep – A Most Promising Weight Loss Pill
Sleep can be the ultimate game changer in your weight loss plan. Find out how... Do you know anyone who doesn’t want a flat tummy, slimmer waist, enviable calf muscles, well-toned arms or a sculpted jawline? Achieving these fitness goals may have been on your agenda...
Bach Flower Remedies and Better Sleep
A few years ago, I personally went through a terrible phase of insomnia and the plethora of health challenges that accompany it. It was not that suddenly I couldn't sleep. I had many warnings, that I unfortunately chose to ignore. It started by not being able to sleep...
A Fundamental Secret of Success
Knowing this could change everything!! What do you think is the fundamental secret of success? Do you think it's hard work? Maybe you think it’s determination? Grit? Tenacity? Being in the right place at the right time? Luck?.  You are wrong on all counts… The...

Republic Day and You

🇮🇳 Happy Republic Day to all my fellow Indians! 🇮🇳 As we celebrate this important day in our...

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